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Here's what Mother Earth News' Managing Editor Jennifer Kongs'  said about our D-Handled Shovel recently:

"I don’t have the body weight to easily sink a shovel blade into the ground, so a nice, weighty shovel that can keep a sharp edge through several sessions of use is important for my garden efficiency and digging satisfaction. The shovel that’s stolen my heart is a “D” handled shovel with a rounded blade that came from The American Garden Tool Co. The shovel is rust-resistant and has a 5-year guarantee against breakage.  

  You’ll find other shovels of the same caliber from this family-owned tool company, along with a variety of other quality garden products, including some nifty ratcheting pruners.  Price: $81 (plus shipping)."  

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Rosie S. from Baltimore had this to say about her purchases: 

I am a huge fan of The American Garden Tol Company. The things I've bought have been nothing short of awesome. And American made/made to last. The Most recent purchase was the Florian Maxi Lopper (I used it today!)--I knew it was a great tool to have when another professional landscaper asked me where I'd bought it. I've use it over and over and it's just as good as when it arrived. It's become a trusted and go-to tool. I'm also grateful for the wonderful service from AGTC (The American Garden Tool Co.).


                                   "Tools for Life"
  The American Garden Tool Co. is expanding its mission to offer high-quality American-made garden tools and accessories and to provide a unique route to horticultural therapy awareness, education and outreach.

The founder of The American Garden Tool Co., is an RN and recognizes the healing value in gardening and horticultural activities. She has created this space to share information about the benefits for veterans, share local projects they are invited to participate in and bring awareness to Horticultural Therapy.

Horticultural Therapy (HT)
is the use of gardening and plant-based activities with a trained therapist to achieve treatment plan goals. HT therapists can be found in some VA's, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and more. Advocacy is needed to add more to the VA centers for the benefit of veterans.

Activities can include: 
 * planting seeds  *growing plants  *maintaining gardens  *selling plants  *customer service  *learning transferable skills

The benefits of Horticultural Therapy include:
  • improved social interaction
  • increased feeling of hope
  • increase in transferable skills
  • improvement in stigma and understanding
  • mood and stress improvement
  • increased sense of purpose
  • increased anticipation and more.

Additional researchers have demonstrated the following benefits of gardening:

  • “Good physical and mental health”
  • “The maintenance of healthy lifestyles”
  • “A range of positive well-being outcomes, including reduced social isolation”
  • “Increased life satisfaction and a greater independence”
  • “Increased opportunities and abilities to learn new skills"†                                              

Click here to view wonderful videos showing U.S. veterans of all ages using Horticultural Therapy and gardening activities to help them heal and feel better.   We hope you will be inspired to begin working in a garden, seeking Horticultural Therapy and being in nature to enjoy all the benefits it can provide us. 

† (Middling, Baily, Masli-Prothero and Scharf, 2011).
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